Help me in a movement to better artists!

Hi Guys,

It's often hard to realize things while you're still a part of it, but I gotta say I wouldn't have gotten to where I am today without all the wonderful friends, instructors, and coworkers that helped me along the way. So, over the last couple years I have been constantly thinking about how I could give back to the community.

Recently, I started working on a big personal project trying to create some video tutorials for the community. it would be great if I could get some general census from all artists and designers. I made a simple 11 question survey that shouldn't take more than a couple minutes to go through.

It would help me figure out what people want to see the most and what is lacking the most in the market right now.

Please also pass this on to your friends and anyone you know that's involved in the design/art world. The more feedback I get the more accurate I would be able to pinpoint what everyone really wants to see. (here's a link to post around: