Tron Uprising

Here's a piece I did for Tron Uprising before working at Kabam. Super challenging to follow Alberto Mielgo's style but a fun piece non the less :)

Final Eden

Here are a couple pieces from my latest project at Kabam called Final Eden. I had a great time art directing a game from start to finish for the first time and was fortunate enough to work with a bunch of really talented artists! Here are two of the latest promo pieces I did for the project. The vehicles are designed by John Park. I know it's a little late. But big thanks to those of you who poured your soul in to the game! John Park, Shae Shatz, Viktor Jonsson, Liz Mitchell, and Darryl Mandryk!


Be sure to check out the game at

Did this as a test for Sony a while back. Nothing much to say about it other than that it was supposed to be a fantasy / tech environment. It was fun working on this image.

I've also gotten a lot of interest on the progressive learning article i wrote. A couple of  you asked for concrete examples of what that meant. Don't worry, it's coming! I'll be posting weakly/bi-weekly updates from this point on.


Having grown up from the old NES days. I've always have fond memories of pixelated sprites. Super Mario, Contra, Mike Tyson's Punchout, Mario Kart... etc. There's just a certain kind of charm in these games that's not present in the current generation of entertainment. Perhaps it's nastalgia or a sign that I'm getting old. Either way, it's apparent that we're seeing a big revival of 8-bit culture. The biggest one being minecraft. Which recently had it's final release and sold almost 5 million copies already.

Why do people suddenly became interested in old school looking games in the past few years? I have many speculations and thoughts about that but we'll go over it another day.Save & Close

Amongst the many 8-bit products that came out through this trend, Swords & Sworcery from Super Brothers on the iOS platform really stood out to me. I really recommend anyone with an iphone or ipad to check this out. The game itself feels more like an art piece than a game. But every piece of art in the game is really polished and well designed.


* * * * * SPOILER ALERT from Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery on Vimeo.



In the past couple weeks I've been experimenting with my own pixel art.  It's really fun to see how different designs can look with changing just a couple pixels. In fact, when you're working with a character that's only 26 pixel wide, It really forces you to think efficiently. I was focusing purely on silohuettes and color/shape relationships. Here are a couple experiments, can you spot who they are?


More robots!

Did these a while back, finally got a chance to post them. I really love the 2001 look, here's my take on a clean futuristic vision. The high res image in in my character portfolio.


Progressive Learning: How to become a Professional Artist in the Shortest amount of Time.

Looking back at when I first started to take interest in this field. I was always curious about how the masters became so good at what they're doing. When I was a student, most people that I came across, including instructors from Art Center constantly stressed the importance of "mileage". The concept of mileage is that one can only become proficient at what they do through a series of repetition. In other words, if you draw the same thing over and over again a thousand times you will eventually become good at what you do. I was a huge fan of mileage. So after I first learned the concept I was constantly doing more work hoping that it would eventually lead me to becoming a "master artist" as well.
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Demo and such

I did a quick 90 minute demo at Kabam for my coworkers to show them my workflow and how I realize across ideas in a quick sketch. This is what came out of it :)


Afterwards I got really inspired and decided to get back to doing some more environment quick sketches before the hand starts rusting.

Back to the bay.

After 2 awesome years at Bungie I decided to it time for me move back to the bay area. I'm now working at Kabam, a social startup focusing on doing more serious games for facebook gamers. Social games is a really exciting space right now and I highly recommend artists to look into this space as it's a fast growing market that's innovating at a much higher pace than console games at this moment.

mean while, i be posting some art that's due long long ago!


I've made it

you know you've made it when a russian piracy site zipped up your artwork and put it on rapidshare :)

On the flip side, most of my work on Reach just got approved for posting. I'll be updating the work on my site soon.


New Imagine FX Tutorial!

I was recently invited by ImagineFX to do another article with t hem . This time I did a tutorial on fantasy landscapes and how I usually deal with clients to satisfy their needs. There's also a video recording of my painting process that will come with the tutorial. The magazine goes on sale on August 24th, Make sure you grab a copy of it!

Photoscrap inspiration

Under the influence of the talents here at Bungie, I've slowly started to ditched photoscrapping in my paintings over the last year. I didn't even realize it until a couple months ago when i reviewed the work i did at the studio. 

When I sat in Stephan Martiniere's workshop I was really inspired again to go back and try to refine some of the techniques I used in my other paintings. 



Birthday Present

During the last two weeks I've been cooking up a painting for my girlfriend's birthday. It's a fresh change of direction from my usual work. With this piece I decided to go with something more contemporary, there's a lot of influences from a lot of the current editorial illustrators in the States and some of the comic artists from Asia. There's been a lot of exciting development on that side of the industry, if you haven't been keeping close check on that front recently you definitely should check out works from Frank Stockton, Tomer Hanuka, and Tyler Stout. It's been a lot of fun working on a illustration with a more graphic approach, I'm definitely going to do more explorations with this from now on.

Happy Birthday Joi!

pushing it farther

Life have been busy and eventful lately. I'm trying to cram in as much personal work as I can these days. Here's the mumm-ra redesign I've been working on in the past couple of nights on and off.

With this piece, I'm playing with some some painting elements that I haven't been able to get around to before. Working as a concept artist, I found that sometimes it's hard to concentrate on the finer details when you're working in a fast-paced production pipeline. Most of the time we end up using experimental techniques that are different with each piece. Sitting next to my buddy Jaime Jones at work made me realize what elevates your artwork to the next leve is these fine details that we are often overlooking.

Lets see how far I could push this piece over the weekend.

Thundercats is coming back!

Warner Brothers recently announced the exciting news that one of my childhood favorites, Thunder Cats, is being brought back next year. I remember this being one of the most influential cartoon to me as a kid. Funny thing is, I was blown away by how ambiguous the characters were when I saw a clip of Thunder Cats for the first time again since i was 3 or 4 on youtube. I coulda swore that they were bad ass to me back then!

As a practice run to making tutorial videos. I recorded the process of me redesigning Lion-O, the main character from the cartoon. Here's the image, I should be able to post the process video up once I get a chance to organize and edit it.

The original Lion-O (yay for speedos!):

My version:

Help me in a movement to better artists!

Hi Guys,

It's often hard to realize things while you're still a part of it, but I gotta say I wouldn't have gotten to where I am today without all the wonderful friends, instructors, and coworkers that helped me along the way. So, over the last couple years I have been constantly thinking about how I could give back to the community.

Recently, I started working on a big personal project trying to create some video tutorials for the community. it would be great if I could get some general census from all artists and designers. I made a simple 11 question survey that shouldn't take more than a couple minutes to go through.

It would help me figure out what people want to see the most and what is lacking the most in the market right now.

Please also pass this on to your friends and anyone you know that's involved in the design/art world. The more feedback I get the more accurate I would be able to pinpoint what everyone really wants to see. (here's a link to post around:



I got inspired to do this image on my way to work a while back when Lake Washington was covered with fog. Seattle really is one of the most beautiful cities to live in.

Halo Reach Interview

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my Halo artwork. The magazine cover I did was well received enough that GameInformer did an interview with me. The article covers some of the things I did at the studio, some of my work methods, and a brief walk through of how the cover was completed.

Click here to see the article!

Also, the studio's been slowly revealing more about the game to the public, and that means more concept art for the fans as well. Here are two pieces of concept I did for one of the new multi-player maps in the game. Enjoy!

Also, don't forget to check out the Reach blog for regular updates and awesome artwork by our other concept artists!