Alex grew up in an environment surrounded by art and entertainment. He was Born in Taipei, Taiwan and educated in California, USA. This unique background gave him a visual sense that is a unique blend between East and West.

Alex's education took place at the Art Center College of Design where he received training as both a traditional illustrator and digital concept designer. This training gave him the skill set to efficiently come up with different solutions for each creative problem. Unlike most of the other concept artists who are focused in just one specific area. Alex's skill sets covered all different aspects of design. This includes not only character designs, but also environment concepts, prop concepts, and various visual developments.

Since entering the game industry as a concept artist. Alex has worked on several next gen AAA titles in various studios as both a freelance and in house concept artist. Currently, Alex is working at Bungie as a concept artist creating visuals for the upcoming Halo: Reach game.